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What if you had a 6 figure business that made your dream creative life a reality?

Entrepreneurial musicians are realizing that the “traditional” path is leaving much to be desired when it comes to income AND having the space to pursue the creative projects that matter most to them.

The good news? It is possible to create a career that allows you to have it all – the money to sustain your lifestyle, the time to pursue YOUR projects, and the impact that leaves you feeling fulfilled.

I help clients create their ideal lives by putting the financial engine in place – a profitable service-based business born from their expertise and passions.

Want to explore how you can work with me? Let’s talk.

Here are the ways I support my clients:


In my signature program, I mentor a select group of musicians in launching teaching and coaching businesses.

Individual Coaching

I work with a very small number of individual clients to support them in developing their career, a creative project, or business.

6FME Intensive

Twice a year I teach an intensive version of the 6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur program over the course of 3 days.

Discover how 5 musicians created alternative income streams using their unique expertise!

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